Milan and Mirek - Raunchy

Milan Neoral and Mirek Ceslar are both very hot, and horny, guys. We find them in tee-shirts and jockstraps as they begin to have some fun. Mirek soon has Milan on his knees, ass in the air and he uses a whip on him, spanking him some as well. Then Mirek removes Milan's jockstrap,showing his rock hard cock. Mirek is soon sucking on that dick. His mouth works on it, sucking up and down. Milan stands up and shoves his dick deep in Mirek's mouth. Mirek has his own cock out and wanks it as he sucks. When he has had enough of the sucking Mirek turns Milan over and plays with his hot hole. He fingers that ass nice and deep and then shoves his cock in there. Mirek pounds away at Milan's ass, making him moan as he fucks. Then Mirek sits so that Milan can ride that big cock. He slides his ass over the cock and rides it real well. Then they change position again, and Milan wanks himself to a very nice cumshot as Mirek continues to fuck him. Mirek then pulls out and shoots his hot load all over Milan, to end a very nice scene.

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