Walter and Libor RAW - Airport Security

Libor Bores has been sent for checking in Airport Security, Secondary Inspections. There he encounters Walter Uwe, who tells him to sit down. He then checks Libor's id and begins to examine the contents of his luggage. Walter quickly finds a plastic bag, which is, according to Libor, holding some gifts for his girlfriend. It turns out that the gifts are sex toys, including a rubber cock, which Walter makes Libor suck on. Despite his protestations Libor is then made to suck on Walter's cock, which has been pulled out of his pants. As he sucks that cock it begins to swell, with Walter's huge balls hanging low below it. Soon that cock is rock hard and Walter has dropped his uniform, with Libor sucking him real good. He cups those heavy balls and Walter shoves his face all the way down on that throbbing cock. The Walter pushes Libor back and goes down on his cock, for some hot sucking. He has other things in mind too though, and soon he has Libor bent over, and shoves his big, hard cock deep in that hot ass. He fucks Libor hard and deep, pulling all the way out and shoving the cock back in again. Then Libor is moved onto his back, hips turned so the ass is available still, and Walter continues to pound it. That hole is getting a great work-out. But that ass wants more, as Libor is really turned on. He sits his ass right down on Walter's throbbing cock. He rides it real good, bouncing up and down on that dick, with Walter grabbing the hips and forcing Libor down. Libor is wanking himself hard as he rides that cock and soon shoots his hot load. He carries on riding that cock until Walter is ready to cum and raises up. Walter dumps a huge load of cum over Libor's left thight and then has him sit back down on that big cock. Then Libor gets ready to leave with Walter looking very pleased with the outcome of the inspection.

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