Libor and Rado RAW - Duty Bound

Libor Bores is in for a bit of a torrid time, courtesy of Rado Zuska. Rado shackles him to a St Andrews cross and rips open his tee shirt. Then he force kisses Libor and bits on a nipple. Clearly Rado is up for a hot session. He attaches some clamps to Libor's nipples and starts slapping him. Then he grabs at Libor's underwear and quickly exposes a rock hard cock. Holding the cock Rado starts to slap the balls, which makes Libor groan. As Rado tries to suck on Libor's throbbing cock, his prisoner pulls away, but eventually Rado succeeds. Pulling the chain yanks the clamps on Libor's nipples and makes him shout out again. Then Rado sucks on that big, hard cock again. Libor doesn't want it and struggles to get his dick out of Rado's mouth. Then, as Rado unshackles him Libor tries to escape. But Rado is not going to allow that . He lays Libor, face down on a beam, spanking his ass, and then attaches a mouth gag on to him. It holds Libor's mouth open so that Libor can shove his cock in. Libor again tries to avoid it So Rado takes a big, red dildo, on a stick and threatens Libor's ass with it. He goes further, shoving the dildo deep into Libor's hot hole. spanking him at the same time. Then he puts a hook in that ass and hold Libor in place and makes him suck on his big cock. Rado wants some of that hot ass and is soon slamming his dick deep inside. He pounds away at Libor's hole, with deep long strokes. Libor moans as he feels that dick ramming his ass. Rado alternates between fucking Libor and making him suck on that massive meat. He fucks him so good that before long he needs to cum. Pulling out he creams all over Libor's ass before shoving the dick back in again. Then he pulls out and makes Libor drain his dick completely.

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