Radim and Adam RAW - Duty Bound

Radim Hora is being held in the dungeon by Adam Rupert. He has him shackled, by the wrists, above his head. He is also blindfolded and wearing only a jockstrap. Adam begins to hit on his body and then attaches some clamps to his nipples. pulling on them, which makes Radim moan. Then Adam begins to slap at Radim's cock and balls in that jockstrap. Next he takes a cat-of-nine-tails and whips Radim's body, making him moan and squirm. Removing the jockstrap Adam then attaches the clamps to Radim's balls and begin to bite on his soft cock. That cock seems to enjoy it as it soon gets hard and Adam sucks on it a while. Then he turns Radim around and decides that his ass needs filling. He uses a red butt plug to force that ass open, stretching it wide. Then he rams his throbbing cock deep inside and starts to fuck. He pounds at Radim's hole, and then changes position to fuck some more. With Adam fucking him hard and fast Radim wanks himself and soon spurts his cum all over the place. Adam is ready too and unloads his cream over Radims face. Radim then sucks on that sticky cock to end a great scene.

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