David and Karel - Fisting RAW - Duty Bound

Karel Teply came together with David Smetak for a great scene. David drags Karel into the room, by a collar and chain around his neck. Both guys are rock hard already and Karel has a cock ring on and a weighted ring around his balls. David fixes Karel to the upright structure and wastes no time in going down on his big cock. He sucks, lasciviously on that huge dong before forcing Karel to the ground to service him as well. Karel resists, but eventually starts to suck on David's cock. David then turns around and presents his ass for rimming. Karel's head is pulled into that ass crack, and his tongue gets to work. Then Karels nipples get worked on before more sucking on his cock. He is then made to get on the ground and lick David's boots before being forced to suck on his cock again. Karel really deep-throats that throbbing dick, while wanking himself. David places Karel up against the wooden beam and starts to rim his ass. That hole looks inviting and it is not long before David's dick is deep inside, pounding away as hard as he can. His cock really works that hole, but David decides it needs more. He has Karel on his knees and takes a huge, black dildo. David shoves it all the way into Karel's eager hole. Karel loves it and wanks on his cock as his hole is stretched by the dildo. David then removes the dildo and begins to work the hole with his fingers. It's not long before he decides to go further, and pushes his fist into that hole. Karel moans as it goes in, but takes it all. That fist stretches the hole and goes deep inside. Karel is turned onto his back, and the fist slips inside him again going deeper and deeper. Karel is loving it and wanks himself as he feels his ass being used. He soon shoots his cum all over himself, with the fist still working his ass. David loves to see Karel's juice flowing as he fists that ass, and pulls out to wank himself to a massive climax as well, which he drops all over Karel's chest. Karel then sucks the cock to clean it off, ending a very good scene.

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