Tomas and Milos - Duty Bound

The handsome, muscled Tomas Kukal comes in for the treatment from the ever reliable Milos Zambo in this Duty Bound. Tomas is strapped to a frame, blindfolded and gagged. Milos has set up a video camera ready to film his antics as he works on Tomas. Tomas is struggling to free himself from his chains as Milos takes off his helmet and dons some protective gloves. Then he puts the helmet back on and picks up a grinding tool, which he starts to use on the bedframe. It causes sparks to fly all over Tomas, who is moaning all the while. Then Milos gets his hard cock and and tries to force Tomas to suck it. He has a bit of a problem with this so inserted a mouth stretcher into Tomas. Then he shoves that throbbing dick into the open mouth. He fucks his cock in and out of Tomas mouth and then decides to work on his ass. Releasing a leg Milos pulls Tomas over on his side, to expose his ass and then starts to rim it. Tomas' moans are softer now, as that hot tonger works on his hole. Having had enough of the rimming Milos picks up a whip and starts to beat Tomas, whose moaning again becomes very load. Next Milos decides that Tomas needs more than just a tongue on his ass and shoves his hard cock deep inside that hole. He fucks Tomas nice and hard, pounding that cock in deep into the well stretched hole. Tomas is forced to take it and then his legs are tied up so that Milos can beat his ass before starting to fuck it again. Just when Tomas thinks he cant take it any more Milos pulls out and shoots his cum all over his face. Tomas certainly got it good from Milos, and took it very well indeed.

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