Daniel, Erik, Dominik and Honza BONUS - Duty Bound

Today we have a Bonus posting, the full Duty Bound with Daniel Avedon, Honza Copak, Erik Garba and Dominik Hubik. It starts with Erik, sitting bound and gagged and with Daniel working on him. He pulls on Erik's nipples and slaps him about the chest. Honza then arrives, carrying Dominik with him. Dominik, too, is gagged and bound and Honza lays him down. Daniel moves over to Dominik and, with Honza, starts to abuse him. Honza rips off the underwear from Dominik and begins to play with a rather large cock that is now visible. Meanwhile Daniel is slapping Dominik about. Dominik's cock starts to grow as Honza plays with it. It is massive. Then they move Dominik and take his ball gag off. Honza gets naked and shoves his cock into Dominik's mouth for sucking while Daniel wanks him. But he has other ideas and takes a mousetrap and affixes it to Dominik's big fat cock. Then he also attaches some clothes pins to the shaft of the cock and to the balls. They keep slapping Dominik and attach pins to his nips while he has to suck on Honza. Daniel then takes Dominik's feet and close them around his own big dick and starts to fuck his cock with the feet. All this time Erik has been sitting, ignored. But now Daniel and Honza move to him. He is forced to suck Daniel's rock hard cock while Honza starts spanking him. Then it is Honza's turn to shove his dick into Erik's mouth. Erik sucks it very well and the guys then attach clamps to the balls of Dominik and Erik, stretching them. After Erik sucks Daniel and HOnza some more they take whips. They whip both Erik and Dominik and then they move Erik over to suck on Dominik's monster dick. As Honza makes him suck on that cock Daniel shoves his dick deep into Erik's ass and starts to pound his hole. Honza then wants a turn at that ass and he shoves his dick all the way in and fucks Erik nice and hard. Daniel moves to Dominik's mouth and fills it with his cock too. They then switch Erik so that he is knelt over Dominik, for 69 sucking, while Honza fucks Dominik's tight hole. Honza is soon ready to cum and shoots his load over Erik and Dominik, making them both suck him dry. Daniel follows suit, his big fat cock dropping a very nice load and then having his cock cleaned by those willing mouths, to bring a wonderful scene to a close.

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