David Kadera - Mad Monk

David Kadera is a big, masculine guy with long hair. He features in our latest spanking, by the Mad Monk. The action starts right away, after the Mad Monk discovers that David has condoms on his person. MM disposes of the condom and pulls David over his knees, and starts to spank his ass. Then he pulls David's feet up and starts to tickle them as well. He makes David sit on his lap and removes the belt from David's shorts, looping it around his neck and removes the shorts. Then he makes David lay across his knees and begins to tickle him some more, and lifts his legs so that the ass is available for spanking. Having spanked him in that position the Monk moves David again, so that his shoulders are on the ground between the Monk's legs, and his legs in the air. More tickling ensues as well as some squeezing of the nipples. Then David is pushed so his legs are over his head, and is ass is in clear view. The Monk spanks that ass and David is quite vociferous as his ass is beaten. The cheeks are spread well so David's hole gets spanked as well. The Monk pays a lot of attetion to that hole, and diddles it a bit with his finger before spanking some more. He sits David between his legs and grabs his long hair, holding him in position and works on his chest and nipples. Next David has his jock strap removed and sits on the Monk's knees again. More tickling happens and David's thick, muscular thighs come in for the spanking treatment. Then it is back over the knees for more traditional spanking, that wonderful ass really gets a good going over, with David really shouting as he gets it. The Mad Monk believes in more than just spanking and tortures David in various ways, including pulling on his foreskin and threatening to beat his cock. At one point the MM believes David is making too much noise and shoves the jockstrap in his mouth, but it doesn't greatly reduce the volume. David is made to stand, and bend over for more spanking of his ass, until he can hardly take any more. Then he is forced to his knees and a finger is inserted into his ass, before being lain back over the knees for more hole action. That ass is spread well and the fingers and thumbs fuck into it. Finally, after so more torture David is allowed to wank, and shoots his load onto the Mad Monks hand. The Monk then grabs that cock and wanks it with his cumfilled hand, rough and hard, before putting David into a tin bath and washing him in cold water, then drying him off and sending him on his way. David was a perfect subject for spanking and really felt it all the way. He is always a great model, in any scene, and so it proved here.

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