Honza Copak - SPANKING

Honza Copak is in the seminary and has clearly done something to warrant seeing the Mad Monk. He attends him and goes down on his knees, and the Mad Monk pulls him to his feet and starts to unbutton his habit. Once it is open somewhat he pulls it down to Honza's waist and begins to tickle him. Then as he tickles he slaps Honza and starts pulling on his nipples as well. The he pushes Honza back down onto his knees and picks up a cat on 9 tails and starts to whip his back before fully undressing him, with his back facing the camera. The Mad Monk then proceeds to start spanking Honza's ass. Honza is then made to sit on the Mad Monk's knees, facing him, with his arms in the air. He continues to spank Honza's ass and spreads the cheeks, showing us a nice tight hole. Having worked the ass a little the Monk pushes Honza down, backwards, so we see his chest and his flaccid cock. The Monk starts to tickle him again and tweaks his nipples. Then pushing Honza's legs down he tickles his feet and spanks his ass, in turn. Then with a clear view of his ass the Monk decides to finger it, first with one finger and then with two. Honza is then laid on his back over the knees, with his legs in the air, so his ass can be spanked and fingered some more. Honza is taking it all very well and his punishment continues apace, changing positions but with the Monk working his ass and spanking it until he stands him in a tin bath so that he can give Honza a wash in cold water. After drying him off the Mad Monk wanks Honza, who duly shoots a nice hot load into the Monk's hand. He wipes some of the cum over Honza's mouth and then dresses him, with his cock still hard and allows him to leave. This is a very nice scene indeed, and Honza was a perfect subject.

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