Erik and Mirek - Airport Security

Eirk Drda is in charge of Airport Security today and he has Mirek Belan in front of him. Mirek has to complete a form, as he failed some security check. Erik seems very helpful as Mirek fills out the form, but he has some other ideas. Soon overpowering Mirek he strips him naked and straps him to a chair, gagged and blindfolded. Erik begins to torment Mirek, pulling his nipples and his hair and prodding his cock and balls with a nightstick. Mirek is moaning all the while. As he is released from the gag and blindfold he wants to know what is happening to him. But Erik is only interested in some sexy and pulls out his stiff cock, shoving it into Mirek's mouth. Mirek sucks on the throbbing cock and then gets some respite as Erik takes off his shirt. Then that cock goes back into Mirek's mouth as he complains all the while. His head is pushed down onto the cock to fuck deeper into his mouth. Then Erik gets naked, his cock standing proud, as he release Mirek from the chair and bends him over to check out his ass. He spreads that sexy ass to check the hole and soon as Mirek moaning again as he fingers the tight hole. Having prepared the hole with his fingers Erik then shoves his rock hard cock deep into Mirek's ass. He fucks him so deep, as Mirek moans loudly. Erik grabs Mirek's hips as he fucks him hard. He pounds that sexy ass making Mirek moan even louder. Then he turns Mirek over and fucks him again, this time with Mirek wanking himself. The fucking continues to open Mirek's hot ass as he wanks and then shoots his hot cum over himself. Erik fucks even harder as he sees Mirek's load shooting from his cock. Then he pulls out to shoot his own cum. It explodes out of his throbbing cock, soaking Mirek in his hot jizz. With that Erik tells Mirek he has passed his security check and leaves him alone.