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Do I need a special video player to play downloaded videos?

While our videos should play on all system players (Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, …) without a need to install any codecs, we strongly recommend using VLC Player to play our downloaded videos, especially HD videos.  VLC Player is a free cross platform (Mac, Windows, Linux) extremely reliable and stable player. VLC player does not install any codecs into your system as it is a stand-alone player. You can download a full version of VLC Player at for free.

VLC Player
Download VLC Player FREE (Windows, Mac, Linux)


Can I use my iPad, iPodTouch or iPhone to browse photo galleries, stream and download videos?

You can use your Apple device to browse and download files from our website, but as Apple does not natively support Adobe Flash and downloading of large files directly into iOS operating system some limits may arise.

Photo Galleries & Slideshows:

Each of our sets contain HTML photo galleries with JAVAscript slideshow and Adobe FLASH photo gallery with slideshow

You can browse all our HTML photo galleries with an Apple device without any limitations on your iOS device.

You won't be able to open our Adobe Flash photo galleries slideshows as iOS does not support Adobe flash.


Video Streaming:

You won't be able to stream any of our videos on your Apple iOS device as iOS does not support Adobe Flash. iOS supports streaming using HTML5 protocol only. Unfortunately most users of our website do not have HTML5 capable browsers. There are only 1% of iOS users on our website (as of July 2011) compared to other operating systems capable of Adobe Flash. There are some third party websites which provide the service of transcoding Adobe Flash websites/videos into HTML 5 protocol for Apple devices online, but again it has a lot of complications and limitations so we do not recommend you spend time and money with trying to make our streaming videos work on your iOS device unless you have good experience with these solutions. The good news is that there are iOS apps which enable you to download our videos straight into your Apple device and play them within few minutes as described below ;-).


Video Downloads:

While iOS lets you download music, apps and even documents .pdf, .doc, xls, and other small files straight into your iDevice natively it won't let you to download any large files like .mov, wmv, m4v and other video format files natively. However there are some third party apps which will enable you to do so. Moreover some of these apps are free and available for immediate download at the Apple Apps store into your Apple device right now ;-). There are many "Downloading" apps on App Store but not all of them work properly. The one which we have tested and is therefore proven to work is called "Perfect Downloader". There are two versions of Perfect Downloader the free version and the paid version. The free version works perfectly fine, the paid version has more features. Perfect Downloader has its own browser where you can browse and download files from our website the same way as you would do it on a regular computer. It has also a video player built in which will enable you to play the videos once downloaded onto your iOS device's hard drive.

You can download Perfect Downloader FREE app here (US iTunes Store link). Or just simply search for "Perfect Downloader" in your "Apps Store" application to find it in different country App Store.

Perfect Downloader
Download Perfect Downloader FREE

Also remember that for all Apple devices you should preferably download our videos formatted for "Apple Device" as these are much smaller and therefore you will not fill your limited size hard drive as quickly while getting a reasonably good quality video.

If you do not want to download our videos directly into your Apple device you can always use the proper "Apple iTunes way" to import our videos into your Apple device. Actually this is the way Apple wants you to import video files onto your iOS device. This method requires you to download the video with a regular PC or Mac, import the video into your iTunes and then sync the video onto your Apple device. Remember that our video format called "Download for Apple Device" will not require any transcoding when imported into iTunes and therefore using the "Download for Apple Device" .m4v videos will be the fastest and easiest way to go. Any other file format will require transcoding in iTunes and will therefore take much more effort and time.



Which video format and resolution should I download?

We offer 7 different video formats. One format for streaming and six different video formats for download. We also offer these videos in multiple resolutions 540p, 720p and 1080p Full HD.


First of all you should choose the video format which suits your operating system:

Windows users – download Windows Media

Mac users – download QuickTime

Linux users – download Windows Media or QuickTime

iPod, iPhone, iPad users – download Apple device

Full HD Playback capable PCs, Macs, devices – download Full HD Windows Media

(Once you are using VLC Player you should be capable of playnig any of our videos on any operating system.)


The second step is to select your video resolution:

For all old computers and screen resolutions less than 1280x1024px – choose 960x540 videos, as there is no need to download larger files

For computers with screen resolutions higher than 1280x1024px – choose 1280x720px

You can also buy Full HD 1920x1080px videos at to play our videos in Full HD on large screens.



Which photo gallery should I open or download?

Our website offers two versions of every photo gallery, each in two resolutions.

If you like a fast and stable photo gallery, especially if you are using an Apple device (iPhone, iPod, iPad) – open HTML Photo gallery

If you prefer interactive photo slideshows – open Flash Photo Gallery

Depending on your screen resolution use either SD-Standard Definition or HD-High Definition gallery.

SD Gallery – for screen resolutions less than 1280x1024px

HD Gallery – for screen resolutions more than 1280x1024px

Similarly download a zip file of all photos in the gallery in the most suitable resolution for your screen.



Why do some parts of the website not display properly? What is causing the inability to stream videos and play flash photo galleries?

Some components of our new website require Adobe Flash to be installed on your operating system or browser. While Adobe Flash is a widely used on many major websites, this problem may happen, especially if you have just bought a new computer, which has not had the Adobe Flash Player installed on it yet. Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded/installed at for free.

Note for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod users:

Apple does not so far support Adobe Flash (June 2011). Therefore you are not be able to stream our videos and play Flash photo galleries on Apple devicees with iOS. However remember that you can still browse our HTML photo galleries with JavaScript slideshows and play downloaded videos on your iOS device. For more information please see "Can I use my iPad, iPodTouch or iPhone to browse photo galleries, stream and download videos?" FAQ above. You can purchase apps like Skyfire from the Apple App Store to translate Flash websites into HTML 5 to display Flash based websites on your device, but there are still some limitations.  We are aware of this problem and we are constantly working to make our website display properly on all devices including Apple devices. Do not forget that even with an Apple device you still have full access to all content on the website, except streaming videos . You can sill browse all photos contained on our website using HTML photo galleries and you can also download videos and play them back on your Apple device too. The recommended player for Apple devices is OPlayer or Perfect Downloader (with built in browser and video Player capable to download & play our videos instantly after downloading) which can be downloaded at Apple App Store too.

Are there any download limits on

At the moment there is 10GB daily download limit applied during the first 30 days of your membership.

14GB of data equals 10 hours of our highest resolution HD videos! Even if you exceeded the daily download limit, you can still stream our videos and browse our photogalleries without any limitation. The download limit counter resets every 24 hours at 12:00 noon Central European Time. The download limit fights against hi-speed download robots and keep the download speed reasonably fast for all members. It should not affect any regular users of our website. At average speed of 512kbps it takes approximately 24 hours to download 14GB of data, that is why we chose the 14GB download limit.


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