Ondra and Roman - Duty Bound

Roman Madlec is the subject of our Duty Bound today, with his hot tormentor Ondra Radni. Ondra ahs Roman tied and on his knees. As he walks around him Ondra slaps his body. Then he opens his pants and pulls out his rock hard cock, shoving it in Roman's mouth. He removes Roman's gag, so he can suck that cock properly, and uses his hair to pull him onto it. Ondra gets naked, with his dick rock hard, and he uses his strength to rip Roman's shorts, exposing his hot ass. Then Ondra goes back to get his cock sucked some more before walking around and spanking Roman again. When he has been sucked enough Ondra concentrates on Roman's ass, shoving a finger in the hairy hole and spanking the ass. Then Ondra rams his throbbing cock deep into that hole, with Roman moaning as his hole is invaded. Ondra keeps up that fucking, going deep and hard, then he moves Roman, so he is standing and tied. He whips that hot body and then shoves his cock back into Roman's hole. Lifting Roman so his legs are over Ondra's shoulders the fucking continues apace. Then Roman is released and wanks himself to a lovely cumshot, followed by Ondra dumping his cum all over Roman's chest.

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