Mirek and Tomas - Raunchy

We brought hot newcomer Tomas Zadany in for a Raunchy Sex duo with the very experienced Mirek Ceslar. We find them on a bed, with Tomas wearing a collar and leash so that Mirek can control him just as he wants. It seems that Mirek has more than just sex in mind. He starts to lash Tomas and spank his bare ass. Then he chews on his nipples before attaching his collar to the bedframe. He slaps at Tomas’ thighs and on his jock-strapped cock and balls. Then Mirek releases Tomas and has him on his knees, and sits on his back as he continues to beat him. Tomas is then made to lay down and his cock and balls get worked again. His cock responds and soon Mirek is sucking on it. He takes that cock right down his throat, sucking it real good. Then he feeds his throbbing dick to Tomas to suck. Mirek really fucks his big dick into Tomas’ mouth, his heavy balls swinging as he does so. When he thinks Tomas has sucked good enough Mirek turns him and shoves his big cock deep into his tight hole. He fucks that ass deep and hard, changing positions but always pounding that hole as good as he can. Tomas is loving it all and wanks himself furiously as his ass gets stretched. Mirek has soon built up such a head of steam that he needs to blow and pulls out to shoot his hot juice all over Tomas waiting face.

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