Libor and Zdenek RAW - Duty Bound

The sexy Libor Bores is in for a hard time today. We find him with his hands shackled above his head. With just a jock-strap and a blindfold on Libor is writhing around, trying to free himself. Zdenek Podbaba arrives, whip in hands, and also only in his underwear. He grabs hold of Libor and starts to pull his nipples and nibble his neck and ear. He slaps at Libor's body, and forces some quick kisses as well as using the whip on him. Then Zdenenk attaches some clamps to Libor's nipples and some clothes pins on his body. With Libor constantly struggling it is difficult to control him, but Zdenek turns him around and examines his ass. Then he grabs the cock and balls, thru Libor's jock-strap. As he works Zdenek uses the whip. He pulls Libor's cock and balls out and attaches clothes pins. Flicking at the pins Zdenek also bites Libor's cock and then turns him around and spreads his ass cheeks. He fingers that hot ass a bit and then turns his prisoner around again. This time Libor's cock is rock hard and Zdenek goes down on it. He sucks that big hard cock, with the pins still attached to the balls. Then, when he stands Zdenek's own cock is out and rock hard too. He frees Libor's wrists from the overhead ties and pushes him down, making him suck cock. Libor has to take that big dick in his mouth and suck on it, before Zdenek pushes him back and suck him again. Libor is then pulled up and turned around, so that Zdenek's dick can be shoved deep into his hot ass. That cock slides in and fucks nice and deep. He really knows how to fuck and that cock stretches Libor's hole real good. Changing positions, with Libor on his back, legs in the air, Zdenek slams his dick back in and continues to fuck. As he fucks he removes the clothes pins from Libor's balls. He really plows that ass big-time, and Libor grabs hold of his hard cock and starts wanking it. With Zdenek pulling his cock out and shoving it back in, repeatedly Libor wanks himself to a big, creamy cumshot, moaning loudly all the while. Zdenek then pulls out again and shoots his load right up Libor's body. Then with a few slaps of Libor's face Zdenek leaves him to rest.

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