Ivo and Adam - Airport Security

Ivo Husak has been on holiday and apprehended by the Airport Security guards. He has been place in a cell where he stands and calls out to be released. Adam Rupert, a guard arrives to see what all the noise is about. They have a discussion about why he has been arrested and Adam decides he needs to check Ivo. He reaches through the bars to check Ivo’s pockets but doesn’t stop there. He grabs Ivo’s groin and decides that they may be something that needs further investigation. So he undoes the belt on Ivo’s jeans and opens them. He makes Ivo push the jeans down, which exposes his cock and balls. Adam grabs hold to inspect them with his hand. He pulls at the cock and balls, all the time insisting that he is permitted to do it. Then Ivo is made to remove his tee-shirt and Adam pulls on his nipples. After having Ivo push the jeans down further Adam makes him turn around and begins an anal inspection. He shoves a finger into that tight hole and feels around inside, fucking his finger in and out. He turns Ivo around again and, as he expects, Ivo’s dick has become very hard and erect. Adam pulls the cock through the bars and goes down to suck it. As he sucks on Ivo’s throbbing cock Adam pulls on the big balls as well. His mouth really works over that cock, taking it deep into his mouth. Adam stands up and opens his shirt and his pants, pulling out his own big cock. He places it on Ivo’s and wanks both cocks together. Adam wants his cock sucked too, so he brings Ivo out of the cell and makes him go down on his knees. Adam pushes his dick into Ivo’s mouth, holding his head so he can fuck his face. The feeling of that mouth on his cock has Adam wanting more, so he positions Ivo, bent over, and shoves his massive cock into his tight ass. He fucks Ivo with long, deep strokes, stretching that ass wide. Ivo is loving the feeling of that big cock in his ass and when Adam pulls out and lays down Ivo eagerly climbs up and sits his ass right down on that cock again. He really works his ass over that cock, taking as much as he can. He moans, with pleasure, as his ass is filled with Adam’s huge dick. Then they change positions again, with Ivo bent over and Adam’s dick deep in his ass. Ivo is wanking himself hard and fast, wanting to cum while he is being fucked. Adam has other ideas though as he pounds that ass and it ready to blow. He pulls out and quickly unloads his cum into Ivo’s mouth. Ivo sucks on the spent cock. He then thinks that he will be allowed to leave but Adam puts him back in the cell with the promise that his colleagues will be coming into to fuck him too.

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