Jan and Adam - Raunchy

Jan Mikulec and Adam Rupert star in this wonderful raunchy duo. We find Jan in a dungeon, sitting shackled to a chair. It is dark as we first find him, then when he is joined by Adam we get a better view. With more light we watch as Adam kisses the blindfolded Jan. He drops his pants and presents his cock to Jan to be sucked. Adam makes him suck on that cock, then kisses him more before pushing the dick back in his mouth. Jan is then allowed to stand and his pants are opened and pushed down. His big dick is hard and Adam quickly goes down and starts to suck on it. His mouth works on that big dick a while then he stands and rips Jan's shirt, revealing his hot chest. Adam leans forward and kisses the nipples then Jan is pushes to the floor so he can suck cock again. Adam then presents his ass for rimming and JAn eagerly obliges, his hot tongue quickly finding that hot hole. Adam is hot for more and soon has Jan's big cock deep in his ass. His own dick is throbbing as his ass gets pounded deep and hard. He takes that cock so well and wants to really ride it, so Jan lays down and Adam climbs on. He really works his hole up and down on that big dick and wanks himself to a massive climax, shooting his cum all over Jan's body. Jan isn't ready yet, he wants more of that ass and puts Adam in missionary position to fuck him some more. His big cock slams in and out of that hole until he is ready, then he pulls out and squirts his juice all over Adam. He finishes off by leaning forward for a final kiss. What a great scene from two really hot guys.

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