Milan and Roman - Duty Bound

Milan Perger is a real hottie. He is captive and brought into the room, blindfolded. Made to sit on the sofa his hands are pulled up. Then he is made to kneel as they are shackled above his head, arms spread. His captor then signals and Roman Koroza comes into the room. He begins to feel Milan's body. Milan's blindfold is removed and his captor is paid some money by Roman, for the privilege of being allowed to play. They rip Milan's clothes from him and Roman takes his big cock out of his pants. It is nice and hard and they set about forcing it into Milan's mouth. Eventually they get that dick in his mouth and force it down his throat. He is made to suck on it, gagging as it goes all the way down his throat. Then Roman turns around and pushes his ass back. Milan is made to lick Roman's ass hole before having to suck on that big cock again. Milan is moved onto his back and Roman fucks his cock into that hot mouth again. Next it is Milan's ass that comes in for the treatment. First a butt plug is shoved into his tight hole and then Roman's big dick takes its place. He fucks that ass nice and deep with Milan moaning as he takes it. He is moved to a different position and that cock thrusts into his hole some more, really opening it up. Then Roman sits down and makes Milan ride his ass up and down on that throbbing cock. After having his cock wanked till it aches, while his ass is fucked Milan lays with his head on Roman's belly. Roman wanks himself and shoots his cum over Milan and then makes him suck the sticky dick to end his torture.

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