Radim and Rado RAW - Airport Security

Rado Zuska is on his way to Brno when he is called into Airport Security. After checking that they have the right guy Rado is cuffed and taken off by Radim Hajek. He strips Rado to the waist and shackles his hands to an overhead bar. Then Radim starts to hit Rado, all over his body before pushing him to the ground and, after pulling out his hard cock, makes him suck it. Radim slaps the cock all over Rado's face and then shoves it in his mouth. Rado soons gets with the program and eagerly sucks on the dick. His own cock grows as he sucks. Radim is enjoying the control he has over his prisoner and bends over, shoving his ass in Rado's face, making him tongue the hole. But Radim has other plans as well. He reshackles Rado, so that he is hanging in the air, ass exposed. Then he shoves his massive dick deep into Rado's exposed hole. It slides in real deep and Radim starts to fuck it with long strokes. Rado moans as his hole is stretched by the huge cock. Changing postion, with Rado on his back, one leg shackled in the air Radim continues to pound him. But he cant get deep enough in that position so puts Rado on his knees and climbs on, his dick slammed real deep into that hot hole. He really works that hole and is soon ready to blow, so he pulls out and dumps his cum all over Rado's face. Then Rado is allowed to wank and soon shoots his cum all over the floor, at the end of a very good scene.

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