Paul and Kaja - Raunchy

Kaja Kolomaz is taking a rest from his army exertions, reclining on his bed and trying to sleep. Paul Fresh arrives, complete with loud hailer, and finds him. He rather rudely awakes Kaja by shouting at him. Kaja stands up and is instructed to remove his uniform, which he does, down to his shorts. When Kaja refuses to go and get his hair cut Paul sits him down on a chair, cuffs his hands behind his back and forces a mouth gag into his mouth. Then he takes a hair trimmer and proceeds to shear the hair from Kaja's head. Once he deems that the hair is short enough for the army Paul pulls is cock out. It is rock hard and he shoves it, roughly into Kaja's mouth, which is held open by the gag. He rams his dick into that mouth, but Kaja is unable to suck it properly due to the gag. Paul then moves Kaja to the bed and ties him up. His balls are tied very tight indeed and Paul pulls on them with the remaining rope, making Kaja's dick bob about. His cock is rock hard and Paul can resist getting down and sucking on it. He loves that cock and really works his mouth on it, but he wants ass as well and soon shoves his big, fat cock deep into Kaja's hole. He really pounds that cock hard and fast into Kaja's stretched hole. Kaja, still gagged, moans with every thrust. Paul changes Kaja's position and continues to fuck him as hard as he can. Kaja is clearly loving it as his cock stays hard throughout and Paul grabs his balls hard, making that cock bounce. When he is ready to cum Paul moves round and shoots his load into Kaja's mouth and over his face. What a great sccene Kaja really takes it very well indeed.

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