Patrik and Milos - Airport Security

Patrik Lukasz is arrested when he arrives back in Prague airport. He is taken in to Milos Zambo for interrogation. Milos begins to examine Patrik's luggage, accusing him of buying fake designer clothes, and then of being a pervert as some of his purchases seem to be sexy items. He puts a sign around Patrik's neck and photograph's him and then begins to check him more thoroughly. He opens Patrik's jeans and pulls them, and his underwear down. Patrik's cock is quite hard and Milos hits it, making it bounce up and down. Then he strokes that cock and pulls on the foreskin. He turns Patrik, whose hands are cuffed behind his back, around and bends him over. Milos spits on Patrik's ass hole as he spreads the cheeks. As he is bent over, with his ass on show Milos pulls on those balls. Next Milos removes Patrik's tee shirt and puts one of those sexy items of clothes, on him. Then he poses him for some photos, with is cock in and out of the tight pouch. Patrik is then made to kneel in front of Milos who pulls out his own cock, which is rock hard. Patrik is looking closely at the cock and seems quite eager as he is made to suck it. His mouth works over that big cock as Milos gets fully naked. Patrik is then gagged and tied up, on the desk, with his ass available for Milos to work on. In a totally helpless position Patrik can do nothing as Milos shoves his cock deep into that ass and fucks him nice and deep. His cock shoves in and out of Patrik's tight hole, speeding up as he goes. Then Milos pulls out and removes Patrik's gag so that he can shove his cock into the mouth for more sucking. He forces Patrik's mouth down on his throbbing cock, and makes him suck it a while before putting him on his back for more fucking. His big cock slams into Patrik's ass again, stretching the hole as he fucks. He pushes one on Patrik's legs up, lifting the ass higher for easier access as his cock slams in and out of that hole. Patrik is then made to wank himself as he is being fucked. He keeps up the wanking until his cum spurts out of his cock and up his chest. Milos is ready too and pulls out of that ass and shoots his load over Patrik as a great finale to a very good scene.

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