Milos Zambo - Spanking

Milos Zambo recently returned to the fold and we set up this spanking shoot for him. We find him sitting and reading an erotic magazine, with his hand in his jeans enhancing his reading pleasure by playing with his cock. He checks over his shoulder to make sure that he is alone and then opens his jeans and pulls out his hard cock. However all is not as it seems, as he plays with his cock Mirek Voight walks in and catches him wanking. He takes the magazine and rolls it up, then he uses it to slap Milos. He is made to stand up, his jeans open and hard cock poking out. Mirek makes him spread his arms out and grabs hold of his hair as he uses the magazine to whack him. Milos big cock waves in the air as he is punished. Mirek then begins to pull on Milos' nipples and smack them with his open hand. Milos reacts to each movement to Mirek's hands. He really feels it as Mirek slaps his muscled body, and then as he turns him slightly he spanks his ass too. Mirek spanks all over Milos' body and thighs, then he bends him over and begins to spank his ass. He forces Milos to the floor and holds a leg in the air as he spanks the foot and then works down the leg. Next Mirek grabs Milos cock and pulls it to stretch it as he uses the other hand to spank it too. Milos is then pulled over Mirek's knees and his ass comes in for more spanking, not forgetting to spank the thighs as well. Milos is turned over and his thighs get more punishment. Mirek also taps the balls, threatening to spank them hard, which makes Milos flinch visibly. Mirek then begins to work on Milo's cock, getting it hard and soon he forces a cumshot from Milos, with loads of creamy cum being dumped on his leg. Mirek scoops it up and smears it over Milos' chest to end a very nice shoot.

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