Milos and Marek - Duty Bound

Marek Ocasek is at the disposal of Milos Zambo in our latest Duty Bound. He is hanging by his feet, from a chain in the ceiling, fully bound and gagged, with his cock and balls tied to a rope around his neck. Milos is standing and twisting him around, giving him the occasional spank. Milos then pulls the gag from Marek's mouth and replaces it with a mouth opener. He forces the mouth open and then sits down, pushing his toes into Marek's mouth. He makes Marek taste those toes before stretching the mouth wider open and pushes his hard cock into it. Grabbing Marek Milos then begins to fuck his mouth. Marek gags on the cock but is still made to suck some more. Milos also starts to suck on Marek's cock as his own is stuffed into that open mouth. Milos then takes a lighted candle and begins to drip the melting wax over Marek's feet and body, covering him with red wax. Next he takes a cat-of-nine-tails and begins to whip Marek. He whips all over his body before releasing one of Marek's feet, so that his ass is nicely exposed. Milos shoves a red butt plug into Marek's ass and spanks him for a while, with Marek moaning as he feels it. Milos then changes Marek's position, so he is hanging sideways, with his ass availabe for fucking. Milos wastes no time, he shoves his throbbing cock deep in Marek's ass. He releases one of Marek's hand to allow him to wank himself. Then he releases him from hanging, so he can lay on the floor. Milos kneels over his face and shoots his cum all over it, and pushes his cock into Marek's mouth. Milos then leaves Marek laying on the floor to reflect on a very hot session.

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