Milos, Rudy and Daniel - Airport Security

Airport Security is a very popular series of videos. This one features Daniel Malecky and Milos Zambo as the security guys and Rudy Bodlak as the hopeful traveller. The scene starts with Daniel doing some paperwork. Rudy arrives and is told to sit. Daniel explains that Rudy has, for some reason, failed security at passport contol and will have to spend the night in the security area. A discussion ensues but there is nothing that Rudy can do about it. Milos arrives and he instructs Rudy to get naked, and after a quick inspection he shackles his wrists and ankles. He then attaches a chain the the ankles and begins to drag Rudy across the floor. Rudy tries to stop him, grabbing a chair, but Daniel stamps oh his arms to make him release it. Then Rudy is hung up in the air, by the chains and Milos and Daniel begin to slap him and spank his ass. They strip off their clothes and Daniel shoves a hard cock into Rudy's mouth for sucking. As he sucks that cock Milos goes goes down on him as well, wanking himself at the same time. Rudy is upside down, and rock hard as he is being sucked and Daniel sits on the floor and fucks his cock into Rudy's mouth. After more of that mouth fucking Daniel is joined on the floor by Milos and two cocks are presented to Rudy's mouth for attention. He does his best to satisfy his tormentors but it is not long before they decide to go further with him. Rudy is released from his hanging position and is made to sit on Milos' big hard cock, as it fucks into his tight ass. Daniel is fucking Rudy's mouth at the same time, so he is getting it at both ends. Rudy is rock hard as he is being fucked and Daniel wants to taste that cock, so he goes down and starts sucking on it. He takes it deep in his mouth before moving up again and shoving his dick back in Rudy's mouth. Milos wants to fuck harder and changes position, so that Rudy in on his knees, doggy style. Milos shoves his dick deep into that ass and begins to pound it. Daniel is filling Rudy's mouth as well, and Rudy seems to enjoy that cock as he sucks it real well. Daniel is so hard and horny that he soon shoots a very nice load over Rudy's face. Rudy then sucks on that spent cock as Milos continues to fuck him. Milos is ready as well and shoots a big, creamy load all over Rudy's chest. Rudy again takes the spent cock in his mouth to suck it dry. Then he is left, shackled to the bed as the security guys take their leave. What a great shoot this was. All the guys look great and performed very well indeed.

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