Tomas Strasak - Duty Bound

Tomas Strasak is a really nice guy, who is a very good bottom and we paired him with Marian Borovy for a Raunchy Duo. We haven't seen Marian for a while and I was interested to see if he had retained his awesome ability as a top. It certainly proved to be the case. We join Tomas and Marian with Tomas completely shrink-wrapped and Marian moving him across the floor and onto a massive railroad tie. Not content with having Tomas restrained by the shrink-wrap Marian then also chains him up and starts to work on his feet. Firstly it is gentle, with Marian using his hands, but then he takes a fork and drags it all over those feet. He then moves up the body and uses the fork to torment Tomas further, on his face, nipples and finally on his cock. He uses it to make a hole so that he can extract that cock. Tomas's cock responds to it and soon is rock hard as it is prodded and probed by the fork. Marian then takes a stanley type knife and begins to cut at the plastic film exposing Tomas' chest. Then he bites on the nipples as he takes hold of Tomas' rock hard cock. The cock then gets more attention as Marian licks and bites it. Marian's own big cock then appears, hard and ready for action. It is pushed into Tomas' mouth and slapped against his face. Marian then strips his uniform off and sits his ass on Tomas' face, rubbing his spread hole all over it. Next Marian shoves his cock deep into Tomas' mouth, methaphorically asking him to suck it. It mages Tomas gag but Marian is insistent and makes him suck it more. Marian has more ideas for Tomas though and he gets a candle and drips melted wax all over Tomas' chest and feet, with Tomas feeling the pain each time. Marian is ready now, for some ass. and he slams his dick to Tomas hole and starts to fuck him, deep and hard. Tomas has no option but to take it, which is does very well. He is then moved so that he is bent over with Marian's dick deep in his hole fucking him more. He is getting Marian's dick real good and another change sees Tomas' tethered from above, standing with Marian fucking him hard, ramming that dick deep in his hole. Marian is soon ready to blow his load, so he moves to Tomas' head and dumps his cum all over his face. Then the allows Tomas to wank himself to a climax. He is made to shoot his load into Marian's gloved hand, which Marian then wipes all over Tomas' face. This is an excellent scene with Tomas being a real good sport, taking everything very well indeed. Marian hasn't lost any of his charm, or ability. It is good to see him back.

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