Jakub Mostal - Duty Bound

We arranged for Mirek Ceslar to come in and be the Master in a Duty Bound with Jakub Mostal, he was very keen to do it. The scene starts with Mirek climbing up a step ladder and telling Jakub to pull on a chain to raise a bucket up for him. Jakub makes rather hard work of doing that and eventually releases the chain, allowing the bucket to drop to the floor. Mirek is furious and drops to the floor and starts to castigate Jakub, slapping his face as he does so. Mirek has come prepared, guessing that something might happen. He takes a hood from his pocket and pulls it over Jakub's head, and then uses a ball gag to fill his mouth. He gets the gag in Jakub's mouth, but not before slapping him a few more times. We then see that Mirek has cuffed Jakub's wrists and attached the cuffs to the chain and pulls on it to raise Jakub's arms high above his head. The bucket is being used as a counterweight. Mirek then opens Jakub's shirt and pulls his jeans down, all the time hitting him. Jakub moans as he is punished. Mirek then grabs one of Jakub's nipples and twists it very hard. Jakub screams in pain as Mirek attaches clothes pins to the nipple he was just twisting. Then he does the same with the other nipple. He flicks at the pegs on the nipples and then starts attaching more, around the belly button and on Jakub's cock and balls. Mirek flicks at the pegs adn then takes cat-o-ninetails and stars hitting the pegs, trying to knock them from Jakub's body. Then he whips Jakub's body, and is rewarded with lots of moaning. He then starts to remove the pegs from Jakub's nipples, but takes his time, and works on the nipples as he does it. Next he takes the pegs off the cock and balls, but pulls them to make sure that Jakub feels them coming off. Jakub is then turned around so that we see his ass, which Mirek proceeds to spank and whip before placing pegs on each cheek and then whipping them off again. Jakub is turned again so that we see his cock and Mirek grabs it and makes it hard, before slapping it a few time. He then pulls his own dick out of his coveralls. He quickly gets his cock hard and uses it to beat Jakub's. Jakub's cock is looking very inviting and Mirek goes down on his knees and nips at the balls before having a taste of cock. He sucks the cock and slaps it, then yanks on the balls to make them ache before biting on the cock as well. He also bites and stretches Jakub's foreskin with his teeth but still he stays hard. Next Mirek uses some thin rope to tie Jakub's cock and balls, yanking on them, turning him round and pulling them back between his legs. Mirek wants his cock sucked and uses a metal mouth opener to keep Jakub's mouth open, so that he can push his cock right in there. At first it doesn't go deep enough, but Mirek adjusts the angle and shoves his cock real deep. So deep, in fact, that Jakub is gagging and saliva drips from his mouth. That cock goes so far down Jakub's throat, and he takes it very well, but Mirek wants more. He bends Jakub over and shoves his throbbing cock deep in jakub's ass. He fucks him hard and fast, as deep as he can, really stretching that hole. Next Jakub is made to hang from the step ladder, and Mirek holds him up and continues to fuck that open hole. Mirek is soon ready and lets Jakub's legs down and shoots his big load all over his face. The sticky cock is then shoved into Jakub's mouth for cleaning. Jakub is then granted the privilege of his own cumshot, delivered over Mirek's shoe. Jakub is then made to lick his cum off the shoe, as a finale to the scene. What a great shoot, and both guys were fabulous.

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