Dmitry Vorobev - Tickling

The lovely Dmitry Vorobev came in for a tickling shoot. At the start he is interviewed and then the action starts, with Dmitry sleeping and the tickler arriving. Has with him a stick with feathers, which he uses to gently tickle Dmitry. Dima responds by rubbing the affected areas. But it is enough to wake him. Then the tickler takes control, grabbing Dmitry's arms and holding them above his head as he continues with the feathers. Dmitry feels the tickling sensation, especially under his arm pits and starts to squirm and laugh. Then the tickler sits astride Dmitry and uses his hands to increase the tickling. Dmitry is really feeling it and becomes quite breathless as he wriggles trying to avoid the tickling. The tickler then shackles Dmitry's hands over his head, attached to a pully, so he is defenseless to anything that might happen. The tickler sets to work, with his fingers, tickling body and legs, with Dmitry squirming and moving around, laughing all the time. His underwear is removed and attention turns to trying to tickle his balls. Dima holds his legs together to minimise the affect. Then he is removed from the pully and is shackled to a bench. The feathers come back into play, gently caressing his body which is torture to Dima. The fingers then start their work again too, and Dima is really squirming as they go under his arms. They also tickle his balls and work on his nipples before taking the cock in hand and starting to wank it. Having wanked a little bit the tickler then sucks on Dima's cock and then wanks him to a very nice pop-shot.A final bout of tickling then happens before leaving Dimtry laying there to recover.

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