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Jakub and Nikol RAW - Airport Security

Jakub Smolik has been detained in airport security. He has been stripped to underwear and tied to a chair, with a hood over his head. Nikol Monak has been designated to interrogate him, trying to find some contraband. He keeps asking where the contraband is, grabbing at Jakub's cock and balls in the underwear, and using his nightstick for encouragement. Then he removes the hood from Jakub and we see that he is also gagged. Nikol then starts to rip off Jakub's tee shirt and pulling on his nipples. He keeps up a stream of comments and pulls out some clamps that he applies to Jakub, pulling on them. Jakub moans as his nipples hurt. Nikol takes a whip and starts to hit on Jakub's back and chest. Jakub moans as he feels the sting on the whip. Then Nikol drops his pants and releases his big, thick and very hard cock. He shoves it into Jakub's mouth and starts to fuck it. Jakub has to suck the big cock as Nikol keeps up his fucking of the mouth. Nikol's shirt comes off to, but all the while he keeps fucking that hot mouth and pulling on the nipple clamps. Then he moves Jakub, bending him over and whipping his back. Then he shoves his big, hard, cock into Jakub's tight hole. Jakub moans loudly as Nikol fucks him deep and spank his ass at the same time. That hairy ass looks so good as the cock pounds deep into it. Then Nikol releases Jakub, putting him on the floor and fucks him even harder, in spoon position. Jakub's dick is hard and he wanks it as he feels the big cock in his hole. That hole is stretched wide and fucked deep. Nikol really pounds the ass, fucking as hard as he can while Jakub keeps wanking himself. As he wanks himself the cum builds up and Jakub shoots it out onto the floor. Nikol keeps slamming his dick in and out of that hot hole until he can't hold back and he pulls out to shoot his hot, creamy, cum all over Jakub's hairy legs and balls.

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