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Jirka and Roman RAW - Airport Security

Roman Madlec has been taken into Airport Security. He has been made to strip to his underwear and Jirka Mendez is checking his luggage. He finds things that need to be explained. He decides that before Roman can travel with the items he will have to check that they are safe. So he stars with a whip, having Roman stand, and using it on his back. Jirka whips Roman's back and ass. Then he has Roman lay down and drips some hot wax onto his chest. Roman moans as the wax lands on his hot body. Jirka keeps on with the wax until Roman's sexy chest is coated in it. Then it is time to inspect Roman's ass. He is moved onto his knees and Jirka is quickly checking the tight hole, shoving a finger deep inside. Then he takes a dildo and works that into Roman's hole, opening it up real good. The dildo is replaced by a scope which goes in real well and lets Jirka look inside. Next up is a bigger dildo, which reallys stretches the tight ass. Roman then is told to lay on his back, legs in the air so that Jirka can administer an enema. The tube goes into his hole and his ass gets filled with liquid. When the tube come out Roman is made to release the liquid, which squirts out of his ass. All this action has got Jirka so hot that he gets naked too, with his cock rock hard. He fingers Roman's hole, lubing it up and then shoves his throbbing cock deep inside. Roman moans as he feels Jirka's cock fucking his ass, and he takes it all the way. Jirka wants more though. He needs to feel something in his hole too. So as Roman moves onto his knees Jirka puts a toy in his own hole and then climbs on to fuck Roman some more. Having fucked Roman for long enough Jirka lets him sit up and wank himself. He shoots his hot cum into Jirka's hand and then has it wiped over his face. Jirka then finishes himself off by shooting his cum over Roman's chest. After all that action he releases Jirka to continue his journey.

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