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Boris Stark - CFNM

The very sexy Boris Stark needs a massage. He has a fabulous body and naked he lays on the couch, complaining that he hurt his back in the gym. The masseuse chats with him as she gets ready to work. Then she kneels next to Boris and begins to massage his back. As she works she continues chatting and moves down to massage Boris' thick thighs. After the thighs and calf muscles have been relaxed the girl removes the towel from Boris' sexy ass and get to work on it. Her hands pull the cheeks apart and she inspects his hole. A thumb slides up and down the ass crack rubbing against the tight hole. She pulls the cheeks wide apart, and inspects the stretched hole, rubbing her fingers over it. Boris isn't sure that he likes that, and asks her to stop. But she ignores his protestations and slides a finger inside that tight hole. Her finger goes deep into the hole and then the hands run over that sexy body, spanking the ass. She takes a dildo and wets it with her mouth, spitting on Boris' hole as well. The dildo is inserted into his hole opening it up nicely. Boris turns over and we see that his cock is hard. The masseuse rubs his sexy chest as the cock lifts off his body, showing just how hard he is. As she works that cock gets even harder and she takes a little suck on it too. She wanks it as well and sucks and nibbles on the balls as well. Then she has Boris lift his legs in the air to expose his ass again. A finger slips into that hot hole again as Boris holds his legs up. Another toy appears and is pushed into his hot hole, as the girl licks Boris balls and sucks on his cock. Removing the toy a thumb and then two fingers slip inside that ass. She opens it up real good, continuing to suck on that big cock. Then another, thicker dildo is shoved into that tight ass, fucking it real good as the sucking continues. Boris then gets onto his knees and has his throbbing cock wanked, showing off that awesome body. The girl keeps wanking that cock until it delivers a big, squirting cumshot that goes over her face. She sucks the cock head into her mouth to get the rest of the cum and then licks her way up that hot body, as the rock hard cock still stands proud.

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