Roman and Petr RAW - Duty Bound

Roman Hendrik is naked, gagged and blindfolded. He is also tied against a thick, hanging beam as Petr Zuska arrives and starts to whip his chest. Roman's cock is hard and poking out in front of him as Petr whips him. That cock is massive and Petr grabs it and wanks on it a little. He whips it too. Petr then pulls hair from around Roman's nipples and tries to push them into his gagged mouth. He holds that big cock up and hits the balls with the shaft of his whip. Then clips are applied to the balls too. Roman moans as the clips are then attached to his nipples and pulled . That cock stays hard though as Petr keeps working on the body, whipping it. He turns Roman around so that we see that sexy ass. Petr takes a dildo, fitted onto a long handle, and shoves it into Roman's tight ass. he reaches round and wanks that big cock as he fucks the ass with the dildo. Roman takes it so well the Petr lays him on bench, legs up and fucks him deep and hard. He pounds Roman's ass making him moan more. Then Petr turns Roman over, onto his knees and fucks him again, his dick slides deep into that hot ass, opening it wide and fucking it deep. Having fucked him enough in that position Petr moves Roman onto his back again. This time as he fucks him he makes Roman wank himself. Roman grabs his big cock and wanks it hard and fast as his ass is pounded. Soon he shoots his hot cum all over himself asd Petr keeps fucking his ass. Petr pulls out of that ass and Roman sucks him unti he is ready to cum. Petr withrdraws his cock from the mouth and wanks the cum out of it as Roman closes his mouth over the dick again to suck the remaining juice from it.